Value Engineering & Value Analysis

Boost your value

Globalization and changing customer preferences are forcing businesses to invest heavily in R&D in order to strengthen the continuous improvement process for their products. Since customers now have multiple options available to them, businesses have to differentiate themselves from the competition by providing additional features to gain the market share. This is forcing them to cut down their cost to achieve higher profit margins and increase market share.

Technosoft’s Value Engineering & Value Analysis helps you in gaining the right equilibrium between cost, quality, safety, and resources to maximize the value for you.

Business Challenges

  • Embrace innovation at lower price.
  • Achieve customer loyalty
  • Product enhancement with creation of value
  • Enhancement of product performance at lower price than before

Our Expertise in VA/VE understands your business and helps you transform your product and services through a structured and customized approach that improves the value of your business. Our VA/VE can be implemented during any stage of Product life cycle management.

Our Value Engineering and Value Analysis services include:

  • Design Optimization
  • Weight / Cost Reduction
  • Modular Design Approach
  • Part/Feature Library & Configurator
  • Supplier Integration, Localization, Low Cost Sourcing