Computer Aided Engineering

“Prevention is always better than cure” is a generic phrase which we have been hearing since our childhood. Engineering is no different from this principal as the Engineering industry always uses prediction models to predict possibilities of failure of a working component.

Technosoft Engineering specializes in the Fatigue Analysis, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and Finite Element Modeling (FEM) approach to perform stress and fatigue analysis of a variety of equipment under the loads to assess the expected useful life of different components or assemblies.

We have a team of professional staff that can help you in any type of engineering analysis that you may require for your business. Our expertise and services in Computer Aided Engineering include the following:

  • Structural Analysis
    • Linear static analysis
    • Shape, size and topology optimization
    • Nonlinear analysis (Material, contact & geometry)
  • Implicit Dynamic Analysis
    • Modal analysis
    • Transient analysis
    • Frequency response analysis
    • Random vibration analysis
    • Response spectrum analysis
  • Explicit Dynamic Analysis
    • Crash
    • Impact
    • Drop
    • Blast
    • Fragmentation
    • Slamming & sloshing
    • Pipe whip
  • Fatigue and Durability
    • Transient fatigue analysis
    • Random vibration fatigue analysis
  • Reliability Analysis
    • Design of experiments
    • Stochastic approach
    • Fit approach
  • Multibody Dynamic Analysis (MBD)
    • Kinematics and kinetics
    • Flex body analysis
  • CFD and Thermal Analysis
    • Conduction
    • Natural & forced convection
    • Radiation