Internet of Things (IoT)

Globally, companies across the Consumer Electronics, Industrial Machinery, Logistics & Transportation, Energy & Utilities and Medical Devices are looking to leverage the power of IoT to develop intelligent products that are more efficient, provide a superior user experience and are customizable like never before. IoT has enabled the integration of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technologies) which is driving powerful synergies between the physical and the digital worlds. The physical world includes smart machines, industrial operations, and facilities while the digital world comprises of applications, cloud, IoT platforms, and data sciences.

At Technosoft, we help our clients embark on their IoT journeys by helping them imagine, contextualize and create smart, connected products that drive growth. We identify challenges faced by clients and develop strategies to address them. We apply design thinking and leverage deep domain knowledge and analytics to help businesses navigate this epochal shift.

Sensors to Insights: Our Perspective on the Internet of Things

Take advantage of our engineering experience from sensors to insights, an extensive ecosystem of IoT and practical approach towards digital transformation. We can help you realize tangible and significant benefits from IoT. We have structured our approach around the emergence of an IoT ecosystem that has given rise to an asset value chain comprising of connection of things, data, people, and processes.

  • The Things are IoTised
  • Data is generated and analyzed to gather insights
  • Insights drive fundamental shifts in Processes and People practices

Focus Areas & Services

Focus Areas

A) Embedded Systems

The embedded system engineering teams at Technosoft leverage various constituents of the embedded ecosystem like firmware, hardware, and electronics to deliver robust embedded solutions. The key differentiators of our services are a state-of-the-art laboratory, strong domain expertise across multiple industries, PC companion tools and reusable companion tools. Our strength lies in design and development across a variety of microcontroller/ processor platforms with firmware expertise for bare metal, real-time operating systems (RTOS) and non-real time operating systems (e.g Linux) based development. We have strong capability to support the low-level volume prototyping which typically can be used for alpha and beta testing with the end customers.


  • We help you roll-out smarter products which enable enhanced user experience and faster design turnaround time
  • Designing high-performance products which consume minimal power
  • Advanced security features with device and chip firmware to prevent cyber attacks in a connected world


What We Do:

  1. Firmware

    • Architecture Design & Development
    • Porting & Optimization
    • System Integration
    • Security
    • BSPs/Device Drivers
    • Protocol Stacks
    • OS & Application Porting
    • Network/System Management
    • RTOS/ OS Expertise
    • Networking Capabilities
  2. Hardware

    • System Architecture Design
    • Mechanical Design
    • System Verification
    • System Sustenance
    • Manufacturing Support
  3. Electronics

    • Power Electronics
    • Wireless/RF
    • Edge Devices
    • Analog Design
    • Standard Part Processors

B) Connectivity Solutions

At Technosoft, we offer a host of connectivity solutions with our specialization in both short range and long range connectivity protocols. We present an exclusive blend of design and strategy, development engineering and software solutions which enable connectivity and smart services. We help clients in building innovative, next-generation IoT enabled devices across multiple market segments. Our technology innovation group continuously utilizes the latest technologies and collaborates with the standard bodies. Our team of engineers possesses expertise in enabling the devices with the industry standard and proprietary communication protocols. They are also proficient in enabling the system through gateways development or customization to connect the devices over the internet and cloud.

Our expertise in various communication protocol spans from device-specific connectivity Zigbee, BLE, DALI, Zwave to LAN & WAN connectivities e.g. WiFi, Ethernet, LoRa WAN, to the industrial protocols e.g. ModBus, CANbus, HART etc. and also to the cloud connectivity protocols e.g. MQTT, COAP, REST APIs etc.


  • We help you develop cost-effective products with a quick turnaround time
  • Our flexible and agile services reduce the risk of your project by addressing any fluctuations in the project demands

What We Do:

  • Network Enablement/ Stack Integration
  • Gateway Implementation/ integration
  • Stack Porting/ Standards/Open Source Support
  • Compliance with standard bodies

C) Software Applications and Mobility Solutions

The design and engineering services at Technosoft are supported by a portfolio of enabling software solutions which accelerate the product realization lifecycle. Our engineers specialize in all the software layers including the HMI (Human Machine Interface), web app and mobile app development over all the major platforms and also for the cross-platform development. To enable fast communication between various IoT devices and the back-end systems, we build web service API’s leveraging various standards and protocols. We also develop mobile apps which can interact with the sensors and equipment to provide alerts or push various instructions back to the system.

What We Do:

  1. Application Development & Maintenance

    • Development & Management of
      -OEM & Engineering Applications
      -Cloud-based & Desktop Applications
    • Modernization of Legacy Applications
    • Enterprise Application Integration
    • Software Verification & Validation
  2. Device & Mobile Applications

    • Mobile to Machine Connectivity
    • Remote Diagnostics & Management of Equipment
    • Sensor Data Logging
    • Visuals of Machinery Operations
    • Visualization & Analytics
    • Cross-platform Mobile Applications
    • Mobile Websites

D) Cloud & Analytics

Technosoft offers cloud services and solutions spanning from storage to analytics. Our teams of cloud development professionals specialize in the various cloud, big data, and analytics technologies. Our team is capable of delivering the right mix of analytical solutions without compromising on the scope for automation or extension. Our cloud services enable superior IT responsiveness, better resource utilization, process simplification and modernization.

What We Do:

  1. Analytics & Data Handling

    • Data Acquisition & Standardization
    • Data Warehousing
    • Report Generation – Canned & Customizable
    • Dash-boarding & Visualization
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Real-time Analytics
  2. Cloud

    • Data Collection & Aggregation
    • Cloud as Storage
    • Cloud Computing
    • Cloud-Based Analytics


At Technosoft Engineering we leverage our expertise over the complete landscape of Internet of Things (IoT) across multiple domains and industries. We help you build smart connected products allowing you to create new revenue streams as well as providing avenues of cost optimization over your complete business value chain. We create vertical industry platforms and solutions that harness the power of advanced analytics and machine learning to make your organization competitive and efficient while your product becomes smart and connected and get the technological edge which in turn may also provide you valuable customer/ user insights. We provide integrated offerings to deliver and manage IoT solutions that work.

Our focus areas are:

1) Consulting/Advisory

Technosoft presents an array of specialized engagements from the adoption of smart product roadmaps to go-to-market strategies for connected products.

2) Design & Development

We provide connected product and derivative development as well as the ‘IoTisation’ of standalone & legacy products. Towards this, we have the full range of capabilities from hardware, firmware, and software design & development.

3) Verification and Validation

Technosoft provides end-to-end verification and validation services across the Design> Prototype> Unit Testing> Integration Testing phases. We provide the full range of services including System Testing, Non-Functional Testing, Certification Testing and Acceptance/ Field Testing.

4) Compliance & Certification/ Deployment Support

Our Compliance & Certification Support services ensure that the product is ready for compliance with various technical standards and certifications. Towards this, we provide Supplier Engineering, Process Enhancements, RoHS Compliance, DHF & DMR Remediation, Post Market Surveillance Support and Preparation & Submission of MDR’s & MDV’s