Heavy Engineering

The Heavy Engineering industry has its own set of challenges due to the size of products involved and scale of operations. Our Customers expect the highest level of accuracy and reliability because of the enormous cost involved.

The biggest challenge faced by the Heavy Engineering industry is reducing the product development cycle. This demands continuous development and upgradations of products to distinguish it from the competition and gain the first mover advantage in the competitive market.

Technosoft not only empowers our clients to achieve competitive edge, but also helps in increasing their market share with the help of our world-class Engineering Services and Solutions. We specialize in Engineering Design, Product Design & Development, Value Engineering & Value Analysis, Engineering Analysis, and Automation Services. Our technical expertise helps us provide you customized solutions which are essential to fulfill your requirements.

Our rich experience in design and development of heavy engineering industry includes various types of machinery such as

  • Mining / Earthmoving Equipment Design & Development
  • Steel Processing Equipment
  • Shipbuilding and Marine Applications
  • Energy, Utility & Power Generation